Skally's Old World Bakery is a family-owned business, and this family keeps control over their products. This control allows them to carry on the traditional method of baking while integrating state of the art systems and equipment. For the Old World customer, that means three things: quality, value, and efficiency. So whether you are filling your toaster or your trailer, you can count on a good quality product made with kosher ingredients.

The Skallys have developed specialized machinery that brings the old way of making bread into the new millennium, and with pita bread, the old way is the right way. Skally's proofer allows their bread to rise long to develop flavor, and this is designed into the production line. This helps to maximize the efficiency of the line while keeping to the traditional standard of proofing.

The pita bread is formed from balls of dough, not cut "cookie-cutter" style from a sheet. This way of forming pita adds strength to the edges of the loaves. This might not mean much to you unless you've tried over stuffing a pita with your favorite ingredients. If you have, then you can understand why Old World's way is the best way.

Old World's bagels are made with same standards in mind. Only the best ingredients go into Old World bagels: real raisins, real onions, as well as good quality flour. No skimping and no inexpensive ingredients. And again, the Old World system of proofing and baking is not "what is fastest"; instead it is "what is best."

Skally's Old World Bakery insists on quality and follows through the traditional way by having hands-on control over their products, and that tradition continues into the new millennium.